Colors of Boipepa Island & Morro de São Paulo, Brazil

Brazil is vast and there are beautifully lonely spots such as Boipeba Island (Ilha de Boipeba) and, less lonely, at least in 2012, Morro de São Paulo. You get to Morro by boat or sea plane, which is an adventure in itself. Then, you get to Boipeba Island by boat. You walk through the water to your cabin or to a place for your hammock. Anyway, Boipepa is a slice of jungle, mangroves, dunes, paradise-like beaches, and coconut trees. The latter keep you busy perfecting your coconut-cutting skills. I loved photographing the many colors of sunset, together with a shot of rum in your coconut milk. After all, it’s hard work to get to Boipepa and to open coconuts.  


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